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Дата: 29 марта 2007
Основатель World Poker Association Jesse Jones приветствует Федерацию спортивного покера России.

Текст послания:


Hello Dmitry,


Keith "Bendigo" Sloan has told me about your success with having poker sanctioned as an official government sport for a one year trial.  Congratulations to you and the Russian Sport Poker Federation! 


The World Poker Association was founded by me in November, 2005 to unite the poker community worldwide.  I invite you to look at our website www.wpapoker.org/membership/organization.php. We presently have almost 1000 individual members and several organization members including the Swedish Poker Federation, Small town Poker Tour, and World Amateur Poker League.  I welcome you and the Russian Sport Poker Federation to become part of the WPA.  The more of us unite worldwide the more likely we will have poker accepted as a sport worldwide.  You have taken a giant step in that direction.  Thank you for your efforts.


I understand you may be at the WSOP at the Rio in June/July. If your schedule allows I'd be happy to meet and talk further.  In the meantime let me know if you have any questions I can answer for you about the WPA.


Warm Regards,


Jesse Jones
World Poker Association
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