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Дата: 27 марта 2007


Если вам доведётся исследовать материалы турниров World Series of Poker последних лет, вам очень часто будет попадаться имя Harry Demetriou. Как правило, он доходит до финального стола многих крупных турниров и занимает призовые места.

Признанный мастер спортивного покера выразил восторг от признания покера видом спорта в России.

Текст послания:


Dear Dimitry Lesnoy,


You may not know me but my name is Harry Demetriou and I am a very keen poker player who has been fortunate enough to have enjoyed some success in the poker world in the recent past.


It is with great interest to me to see that recently the Russian government voted to sanction poker as a sport. Furthermore it has been brought to my attention that you have been personally responsible and actively involved in obtaining this acknowledgement of poker as a sport in your country and as such I wish to commend you.


I would also like to extend my warmest and sincerest thanks to you for your commitment to this campaign as it can only be good for poker as a whole globally to have it recognized as a sport.


In these difficult and trying times where governments in Europe and The USA are causing the poker world great difficulties it is refreshing and heartwarming to see that individuals such as yourself are prepared to make great personal sacrifice in terms of time and effort so that poker players like myself and others elsewhere in the world can benefit.


Once again my sincerest thanks and congratulations on your successful campaign to have poker acknowledged as a sport.


Best Wishes

Charidimos (Harry) Demetriou

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